“We must bring about balance and harmony.

Let us belong to this time and place together, where humanity healing finally manifests PEACE for ALL our relations, in ONE-ness…”

“The future does not just happen, it is created. It is now our turn, NOT to be confrontational but to WALK PROUD as people, equals in a loving society.

A single person can express in words VISION FOR ALL MANKIND but it takes a commitment of millions of the masses to make that vision a reality.” from film Wawahte: Stories of Residential School Survivors - megwetch - thank you - Bunny

“…be true to yourselves. Maintain that balance between heart and soul and do not give way to intelligence only.

Do not ever loose sight of who you are for it is a gift from the Creator that will lead you to your higher purpose.

Do not give way to racism and intolerance.

Hold true to the creed that all persons are born equal and deserve dignity and respect.

Do not give way to ignorance and apathy.

"The quality of life for many may depend on you.

Go and make a difference. The whole world waits for you. Stay the course. Be bold. Have vision… Our mutual healing and reconciliation depends on it.” Chief Dr. Robert Joseph

Calling all healers and their “tribes” to join the PEACE in our thriving worldwide app community for Indigenous Healing for ALL our relations!


YOU, we, together in peaceful one-ness,

ARE the ones we’ve been praying for!

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