What can you accomplish with your Lifetime Membership?

GIFT youth, lower income humans from all over the globe FREE access to crucial app courses to help us make the IMPACT needed to turn the unity of global fear to one of love, while you enjoy access to ALL future app offerings and in-app community of app subscribers who share our passion for humanity healing!

Once the APP is in place, and our referral system is set up your donation as a Lifetime Founding Member will allow countless others with less resources to access certain coaching sessions within the app for free

(1) 👉 Your seed investment and feedback as a LIFETIME MEMBER is a priceless gift that will help to expand and multiply in setting the stage for countless others of our relatives around the globe to learn the ways of the peace walk to help mainifest the IMPACT envisioned to heal a heart, a nation, a world!

(2) 👉 Help them find affordable (mostly “free” to those who refer the app to others) and reachable ways (within easy access 24/7 with one click on their phone) to re-awaken their own sacred healing part in the circle and become strong links in the chain of brotherly love worldwide.

(3) 👉 Encourage and make accessible to all our human relatives with our united commitment to explore and grow opportunities to share with us in this magical journey towards encouraging, strengthening and gathering ALL indigenous healers globally to join hearts and hands at a future time and place (to be announced) to shift humanity’s awareness to powerful indigenous healing ways to bless all our relations…

(4) 👉 and at Mato Tipila, indigenous to Lakota treaty lands (and the U.S.’s first appointed national monument named “devils’ tower”) in the above mentioned powerful ways YOU become a co-creator founding member to speed the growth and global impact to manifest the art of the Walk of Peace gathering…to go VIRAL!


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Get these added personal bonuses when you sign up

In the “fair trade” ways of exchange for your investment and support in joining as a Lifetime Member you will receive these bonus gifts :

BONUS # 1 Be among the very select members to create the foundation which has commitment to manifest the IMPACT to shape-shift the globally unity in the emotion of fear to the unity of love and compassion as a dominant and decisive choice of humans from all walks of life, all races, tribes and tongues around the globe for the purpose of humanity healing, as you continue to personally benefit from enjoying and participating in our first CALLING OUT and KINDLING courses for learning the Indigenous Healing brought forward to be shared for these 7th generation times that will be available to FOUNDING LIFETIME MEMBERS FIRST!

Bonus # 2 Invitations to all Weekly Group zoom calls to meet your relatives on the same journey with you, and to make quick progress in staying the course with indigenous healing ways. Your Indigenous Healing Lifetime Membership puts you inside a small and effectively loving circle of LIFETIME FOUNDING MEMBERS willing to take seriously and put into daily practice the powerful energy of our united vision to see humanity healed of its present state of dis-ease, beginning with us. As Founding Members you also will have access to all subscribers to the app in our in-app community where you are invited to encourage, strengthen and coach them along their journey.

BONUS #3: You will have ample opportunity to help shape the vision with virtual hearts joined in a circle of gratitude, to see and help set the future date and day in motion, to declare, dedicate and celebrate a natural (visible and visit-able) International Monument to Humanity Healing that is already silently “speaking” to the hearts of millions of people around the globe who are already familiar with this well-known but still misunderstood indigenous sacred site.

BONUS #4:Circle of Life worksheets will help you stay on track and plot your commitment and course in harmony with the “good medicine” of indigenous healing transformation challenges, giving you a way to easily visualize and remember the most powerful steps you have taken and chart the course as you continue the “walk” to achieve your commitment to the ongoing and increasingly joyful transformational results, no matter the season.

BONUS #5: Community is essential for our healing so, Welcome Home to your arrival to the pinnacle of a life-long healing work to finally, once and for all, most effectively discover and manifest the healing you wish to see in your life and in the world!

Therefore, you will have lifetime 24/7 access to the exclusive, and rapidly expanding, Indigenous Healing Facebook members only Web Community. As we circle together to fear-LESS-ly nurture and grow our most sacred, powerful, unique, and loving expressions of our newly-discovered sovereign selves, this community is where your relatives (your fellow indigenous healers and individual peace seeking practitioners) will be joining us from all nations, age groups, and locations around the globe to share their gifts, insights, experiences, inspiration and aspirations.

And, as you grow to trust your new sovereign self and your new wellness practice (a truth that no doubt, you already know, but haven’t yet fully understood nor embraced until completing the transforming coachings within the app offerings) will re-calibrate your individual perception of “alone-ness”, which can actually manifest and dispel disease (the science to show this will be shared with many of the in app courses). Our perceptions have a frequency that resonates within ourselves, and invisibly effects all our relationships. You can meet and assist our relatives who are also awakening and circling around this positive energy wisdom center to come to experience the comfortable, around the campfire, wellness feeling of coming home.

BONUS #5: With your Indigenous Healing LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP you will also receive 8 original Bunny Sings Wolf music albums in CD format recorded over the past 24 years, full of the dream-received wisdom songs from the sacred Black Hills that this course is based on, for these times. I invite you to sing along from your heart, even before their insightful and multi-layered lessons are later put into future mentoring courses and tools in this developing app, for learning, among other things, (1) the valuable difference between self-care and selfishness, (2) how you may quickly test your connection to, or disconnection from, the harmonious healing intent that consistently resonates in and from the natural world, (3) find the courage, free of anger and fear, to accept the ongoing natural process of change and learn how to flow with it joyfully, with no resistance and sublime trust, (4) so that you may fully awaken to the natural power of healing that exists everywhere for balance, harmony, abundance, peace. As above, so below is the natural law. This bonus #5 is music inspired by Mother Earths’ nature expressions with a harmonic connection to the natural wisdom ways of the cosmos. With your first listen on CD format, that you may later play from within the app on your phone or computer whenever you need a pick me up as you breathe deeply in the ways of mindfulness, or as these songs pop up on your personal play list at just the right time on your healing journey; please know they resonate each time with unique gifts to (as nature does) subtly remind you, day or night, of the needed hearts-up knowingness of indigenous healing and life honoring teachings and practice that are already working energetically worldwide to heal a heart, a nation, and a (our) world.

BONUS #6: You will also enjoy lifetime access to all future content, news and announcements. You will get the first invitations to take part in a most peaceful, direct, effective and dynamically monumental way, to announce, dedicate, “rename” and reclaim the healing resonance within a long respected indigenous sacred site, a natural, International Natural Monument to Humanity Healing.

On that day, you will have opportunity to unite with healers globally who are leading by example to manifest, with ample opportunity to digitally share with all their contacts online, the message of healing. This will be a LIVING WALK OF PEACE to parade in a powerful visual ART FORM destined to resonate around the globe in this “viral healing” event, assembled and manifested around what Crazy Horse envisioned, and referred to as the “Tree of Life” - yes, to re-flower energetically what Black Elk spoke of as the Flowering Tree.

This gathering of our seasoned sovereign circle of healers around a large singing stone, called Mato Tipila by the Lakota (“Mato” – Bear, “Tipila” home = Home of Powerful HEALING Bear totem energies) is visioned to remind and bring one-ness and re-kindle humanity to our interconnectedness with all life, and invite all to return to the natural healing ways of sacred practice of living in effective, peaceFULL loving ways... in responsible stewardship and good relationship with all life!

BONUS #7: Invitations to attend at least one hour, each week of One on One zoom VIP calls with Bunny during the first 6 week KINDLING Course to discuss your discoveries and custom your journey to a new level of confidence and joy in the peace practice that best serves you in company with our sweet relatives who have recognized the great opportunity and honor to most effectively offer the resource investment as Lifetime Members dedicated to finally and most effectively IMPACT Indigenous Healing globally, to heal a heart, a nation, a world.

If you wish to invest in one of the remaining spots still available for LIFETIME FOUNDING MEMBERSHIP with these Bonuses, that are still available to be claimed until January 3, 2023, PLEASE SCROLL UP TO THE STORE AND SIGN UP FOR LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP THERE or copy and paste this address in your browser to buy here: https://swipesimple.com/links/lnk_5eafffc8

Bunny Sings Wolf

Your hostess, an indigenous grandmother, with a dream to show the way of greatest impact towards humanity healing

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for this time of humanity healing to the IndigenousHealing app awakening and coaching app to awaken to the natural ways we may each now practice to IMPACT the PEACE

…to heal a heart, a nation, a world!

“We must bring about balance and harmony.

Let us belong to this time and place together, where humanity healing finally manifests PEACE for ALL our relations, in ONE-ness…”

“The future does not just happen, it is created. It is now our turn, NOT to be confrontational but to WALK PROUD as people, equals in a loving society.

A single person can express in words VISION FOR ALL MANKIND but it takes a commitment of millions of the masses to make that vision a reality.” from film Wawahte: Stories of Residential School Survivors - megwetch - thank you - Bunny

“…be true to yourselves. Maintain that balance between heart and soul and do not give way to intelligence only.

Do not ever loose sight of who you are for it is a gift from the Creator that will lead you to your higher purpose.

Do not give way to racism and intolerance.

Hold true to the creed that all persons are born equal and deserve dignity and respect.

Do not give way to ignorance and apathy.

"The quality of life for many may depend on you.

Go and make a difference. The whole world waits for you. Stay the course. Be bold. Have vision… Our mutual healing and reconciliation depends on it.” Chief Dr. Robert Joseph

Calling all healers and their “tribes” to join the PEACE in our thriving worldwide app community for Indigenous Healing for ALL our relations!


YOU, we, together in peaceful one-ness,

ARE the ones we’ve been praying for!

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